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Send Our Show to Topaz

Help us send “E.O. 9066” to the Grand Opening of the Topaz Museum on July 8, 2017 and the 75th Anniversary of the internment of the Japanese Americas. We need $12,600 to pay for props, rehearsals, rental car, and stipend.


About this Show

Amidst the hysteria of the Second World War after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 on February 19,1942. It authorized 120,000 American citizens of Japanese ancestry to be removed from their homes. They were all relocated to remote internment camps in the western U.S. – 11,000 of them were confined in Topaz.

Using a Japanese tea set, a table cloth, sand, brown paper and an old suitcase, Lunatique Fantastique uses puppetry to create the heart-wrenching story of one family’s forced evacuation from their home in Berkeley to the camp in Utah. This show,  originally written in response to past political climates, resonates just as strongly today with the recent violation of American’s civil rights.

Original Direction by Christine Young

Original Music by Shinji Eshima

Object Choreography by Liebe Wetzel

*This work is dedicated to the memory of Donna Nomura Dobkin, whose parents were interned at Topaz.

These performances are dedicated to the memory of Ben Dzuiba a member of the original cast.

Jen Colasuonno, Susie Danzig, Sheila Devitt, Bill Olson, Slater Penney, Robin Plutchok, Christina Shonkwiler
“E.O. 9066′ (is) serious stuff…timely…a reflection on the erosion of civil liberties in times of national crisis…performed (with) the… ensemble’s usual, often astonishingly creative use of found objects.”– Rob Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

“In a nearly silent 60-minute puppet show …(the ensemble) creates more emotion and eloquence than most dialogue-filled plays can produce in two hours…one stirring image after another. Chalk up another amazing adventure in puppetry for the remarkable … cast of Lunatique Fantastique”– Chad Jones, ANG Newspapers

Keith Nomura, David Hirata, Kathleen Hirata, Ken Iwagaki, Jo Yasutake, Japanese American Museum of San Jose, Kathleen Hironaka, John Hayakawa, Gary Hoshiyama, Barbara Hoshiyama, Fred Hoshiyama, Yane Morishita, “Moffet” Ishikawa, May Shimoguchi, Donna Ozawa, Atsuko Moriuchi, George Oiye, Kats Hikido, Roy Matsuzaki, Jane Beckwith (Topaz Museum Board), The Japanese American Museum of San Jose, and the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles.
2003 Performance made possible by grants from CA$H, Zellerbach Family Fund and the Jim Henson Foundation.

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